Our Horses

We are passionate about breeding, training, and caring for horses. We provide a variety of services to our clients and their equine friends.

The Ranch itself includes hundreds of acres of peaceful, quiet land just north of the Great Smoky Mountains and offers many trails and pastures that are the perfect getaway for equestrians.

Equestrian Center & Services

We have 30 acres of pasture devoted to horses. At this time we offer pasture boarding only. However, our new horse barn will allow us to provide full care by the end of 2018.

Rocky Rhodes Ranch also trains Tennessee Walking Horses for trail riding as well as local shows.


We also have a local farrier, so if you're planning a trip to Great Smoky Mountain National Park, Rocky Rhodes is a great place to stop off for the night.

For more information about our horses, services, and/or purchasing options, please call us at (865) 202-2011 or contact us below.

Meet the Team

Huckleberry  - 8 year-old gelding. Robert's personal horse.  Fearless in the mountains and strong in the saddle.   Huckleberry is Robert's best good friend.

Cash - (Registered Tennessee Walking Horse)  8 year-old black mare.  Covered on both sides with the hard cash lines. Possible breeding in spring 2019.

Jazz  - (Registered Tennessee Walking Horse) 2 year-old  show prospect. 

Rosa - (Registered Tennessee Walking Horse) 2 year-old show prospect. Black with white socks. 

Ranger - 10 year-old Paso Fino.

Lil Joe - 18 years old  curly, hypoallergenic horse.  Perfect horse for kids.

Rocky - (Registered Tennessee Walking Horse) 2 year-old.

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If you would like more information about our horses, services, and/or purchasing options, please call us at (865) 202-2201 or send us a message below. We look forward to hearing from you!

(865) 202-2201
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